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Estate of former 101-year-old resident donates $1M to education

The estate of Violet King has donated $1 million to fulfill her final wishes of 'benefitting the children of San Mateo County.'
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The estate of Violet King, a former 101-year old resident and community volunteer, has donated nearly $1M to the equity-focused community foundation to support future generations of Redwood City students. The Redwood City Education Foundation joins local organizations, the 4Cs of San Mateo County, Kiwanis Children Fund, and the Young Dreamer Network, as the Violet King Trust beneficiaries. 

Ms. King—a native of the United Kingdom—married U.S. Airman Vern King following the end of the Second World War. Prior to settling on the Peninsula in 1958, the couple and their only son, Richard, lived in Southern California while her husband was stationed near Barstow. Ms. King worked for the County of San Mateo’s Probation Department for over 20 years and regularly volunteered for community organizations, such as the Redwood City Library and Kaiser Permanente, Redwood City. She passed away on October 8, 2020. 

Estate Trustee Michael Lynch described Ms. King’s final wishes were “to benefit the children of San Mateo County” and selected organizations working within Redwood City “[as it’s] composed of multiple ethnicities and multiple opportunities to help children of all ages and all needs, whether it’s the huge Hispanic community or just a variety of different children’s needs.” 

With these funds, RCEF is exploring establishing an endowed fund to support RCEF’s critical social-emotional and educational support programs in perpetuity. “Ms. King’s legacy is extraordinary,” said Jason Galisatus, Executive Director of RCEF, “her gift stands out for its outsized generosity and its intentional focus on equity. We aim to honor her memory by investing these funds to have the greatest impact on the students of need within our school district.” RCEF is gathering an exploratory committee of community leaders to forge a campaign to match the gift. 

“Planned gifts like hers are like seeds that sprout into opportunity for Redwood City children for generations to come,” said Galisatus.

Those interested in planning a legacy gift through their estate should reach out to RCEF for further details and information. 

More information on Ms. King’s remarkable life and legacy can be found here.

About RCEF: The Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF) is a community-based 501(c)(3) organization focused on providing financial support, targeted advocacy, and meaningful community and parent engagement to address systemic inequities in our community and help all students thrive.


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