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Sheriff Bolanos congratulates challenger Christina Corpus, plans to retire at end of term

"He congratulated me on winning the election and running a strong campaign," said Corpus.
Sheriffs candidates headshots
Captain Christina Corpus and incumbent Sheriff Carlos Bolanos faced off in their first sheriffs candidate debate
Conceding the primary race, incumbent Sheriff Carlos Bolanos congratulated his opponent Christina Corpus Thursday after early, non-certified results continued to show she had a steady, solid lead that began on election night. Bolanos declined to make a statement, but in an internal memo, he told his office that he had conceded and had congratulated Corpus."It was an honor an a privilege to serve as Sheriff for the last six years and lead this organization," Bolanos said in his memo to staff. "You are truly some of the finest law enforcement professionals I have worked with, and I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish. I am sure that you will continue to serve our residents in a professional and compassionate manner."

He also told his staff that he plans to retire at the end of his term in January 2023. 

"I wish each of you the very best in your personal and professional lives," he said. 

Corpus said: "He congratulated me on winning the election and running a strong campaign. Bolanos ensured me of his cooperation with a smooth transition.  I thanked him for his cooperation with a smooth transition for the betterment of the organization and the residents of our county."

In an Instagram post, Corpus said she would be reaching out "to law enforcement and community leaders to begin sharing my plans for transition." 

In an interview with the Pulse shortly after election results came in on primary night, Bolanos said he was disappointed by the early returns but was optimistic to see how the rest of the night might play out. 

"But, I think there is still a lot of votes to be counted,” he said. “And let's see what happens."

He told his supporters that if he lost, “I won’t take it the wrong way" and " I will always be proud of the work that I do."

As of Friday afternoon, Corpus had 56.65% of the vote to Bolanos' 43.31%.

Leah Worthington contributed to this story. 


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